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Comet Electronics invites you to join one of the biggest technical conferences held in Europe by Microchip!


With 55+ different engineer-to-engineer technical training classes offered during 3 days, the MASTERs Conference will provide embedded designers with extensive product and technology information.


What is the Microchip MASTERs Conference?

Microchip Annual Strategic Technical Exchange Review Conference is a bi-directional exchange of technical information between the technical work force at Microchip and our strong technical partners including consultants, customers, third parties, distributor FAEs and design houses. MASTERs is a highly in-depth conference, including hands-on technical training, structured to meet the needs of today‘s embedded control design engineers.


Who Should Attend?

Those who are looking for solutions to embedded control challenges or in-depth education on Microchip’s products. Design engineers and engineering managers will benefit from the Conference by learning about solutions and interfacing with the Microchip personnel. Attendees graduating from the MASTERs program will be equipped to go out and use Microchip products to full advantage.


Venue: Berlin, Germany

September 16 - 18, 2024
HTW Berlin – University of Applied Sciences Berlin
Registration will open in June 2024


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