Communication IC from CML


CML is a world-leader in the design, development and supply of low-power analogue, digital and mixed signal semiconductors, for telecommunication systems worldwide

Wireless Data

Wireline Telecoms

Two-Way Radio

Wireless modems, with data rates up to 200 kbit/s and modulation formats FSK, FFSK/MSK, GMSK and p/4 DQPSK.

The analogue product range covers wireline voice and signaling areas including voice scrambling, call progress, DTMF, CLI/CIDCW, SPM,ISDN and telephone ICs.

Simplex and duplex audio-processing, including voice scrambling, ADM and CVSD voice coders, all current inband and sub-audio signaling schemesand baseband radio processors.


CMX865ADTMF Codec/FSK Combo with voice features

  • V.23 1200/75, 1200/1200, 75, 1200 bps FSK;
  • Bell 202 1200/150, 1200/1200, 150, 1200 bps FSK;
  • V.21 or Bell 103 300/300 bps FSK;
  • Low Voice Falsing DTMF Decoder;
  • DTMF/Tones Transmit and Receive;
  • Low Power - High Performance;
  • "Powersave" Standby Mode;
  • Can achieve simple voice record and playback actions.